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Your online resource for implementing Response to Intervention. Moving from Theory to Reality While there are many websites and trainers telling you how RTI is supposed to work and might look in a perfect world, this website is dedicated to helping real schools and real classrooms loaded with real students.

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“Pat Quinn takes a remarkably different and refreshing approach to RTI. While everyone else lives in a world of theory, he tells us step by step how you actually go about doing it.”

“I have attended seven different RTI seminars this year already, and there is nothing like Pat Quinn’s material. He is the only one who gives hope to classroom teachers that this is not only possible - but could actually work in our school!”

“What a pleasure to hear about RTI from a teachers’s point of view rather than a college textbook point of view. Pat is real, he is honest, and he gets it. Your teachers are going to love RTI after this.”

Pat Quinn (the "RTI Guy") is one of the nation’s leading experts on Response to Intervention. His seminars, presentations, and online video training have been used by hundreds of schools around the country to prepare teachers for this new challenge.
Available Resources
Pat Quinn’s Free RTI Newsletter
Pat Quinn is the author of the nation’s most widely circulated newsletter focused on implementing RTI with over 10,000 subscribers. Filled with strategies, techniques and advice for any school implementing Response to Intervention.  More Information.

Introduction to RTI DVD. This 45 minute DVD is the perfect way to introduce your staff to Response to Intervention! The simple truth is this: How you explain RTI to your teaching staff will determine whether or not they actively participate.  More Information

The one book your teachers need: Ultimate RTI. You can read dozens of books about RTI, but there is only one designed to give your teachers the information the need to implement RTI in their classrooms. Ultimate RTI tackles the toughest questions including:  More Information.

LIVE Training for your Staff or Committee. Pat Quinn’s is America’s Best Teacher Trainer! His live seminars are filled with strategies and techniques that can be implemented the very next day. If you are looking for a seminar with real examples of real classrooms where RTI is working – this is the seminar for you. Check out the dates and locations for one of Pat's RTI "In the Trenches" one-day seminars. More Information.


Online Training for your Staff. Pat Quinn’s online video course Response to Intervention Made Easy is used by over 2500 schools around the country to equip teachers to implement RTI. Simple, easy-to-use strategies are presented that make implementing RTI happen naturally in your daily routine. These 12 video lessons allow your staff to learn on their own schedule, at their own locations – through any computer with internet access. More Information.